Our Terms and Conditions

Bond (Refundable Deposit)
A BOND (refundable Deposti) is payable by renter when receiving the rental car, which is refundable upon return of the vehicle pending the tank is refilled and the vehicle is returned in the same condition as received.  The BOND can either be paid in Samoan Tala Cash or with a Credit Card imprint, which must be signed.
The BOND for ALL CAR TYPES:          SAT$500

Insurance Excess
All drivers have to be 21 years and over to be able to hire a vehicle from Blue Pacific Car Hire.  For driver(s) between the age of 21 - 25 years, the Insurance Excess is SAT$2500.00!
Driver(s) from the age of 25 years and over, the Insurance Excess is SAT$2000.00 only!
Please note that the Insurance Excess is to be paid to Blue Pacific Car Hire before leaving Samoa, if the vehicle is involved in any kind of accident.
We do have on offer two insurance options to reduce the Excess down to SAT$400.00.
For more information on these, please contact us or ask about it when hiring a car.


Drivers Licence
All international and overseas VALID drivers license are accepted in Samoa, EXCEPT “Learner” and “Restricted” Driver License. Those you are holders of a “Learner” or “Restricted” Driver License are unable to drive in Samoa by Law. Please note that you have to purchase a "Samoan Temporal License" at SAT$21.00 per license which we are able to issue on delivery of the rental car.

Delivery of Rental Cars
Delivery to any hotel situated in apia town area is free of charge.  For the Hotels and Beach Resorts that are located outside of Apia town, the charge to deliver or pick up a rental car between the hours of 9am-3:30pm, is charged at a fee of SAT$60or SAT$80 one way depending on where you are staying.  To and From Faleolo International Airport for flights arriving / departing between 0830 hrs - 1600 hrs the charge is SAT$60 one way.  For flights arriving / departing betwen 1600 hrs - 0830 hrs the charge is SAT$80 one way.

Our Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday
8am - 4.30pm

We accept the following for payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Samoan Tala (cash)