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About Samoa

About Samoa ~ The Heart of Polynesia


Samoa is located east of the International Dateline between longitudes 171 and 172 degrees west and latitude 13 and 14 degrees south of the Equator.

Samoa is compromised of two relatively large islands, Upolu and Savaii and eight smaller islands. The capital Apia, and the International Airport are both located on the island of Upolu.



Samoa’s climate is pleasantly warm with an average maximum temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.  From May until November, it is our dry season, whereas from November to March it is our rainy season.



Samoa’s population is approximately 180,000.00. Samoans are the most populous full-blooded Polynesian race in the World.



Samoan is the national language, although English is the official language of business. English is widely spoken, but you’ll find the following


Samoan words useful to learn:

English Samoan Pronunciation
Hello Talofa Tah-loh-fah
Hello (formal) Malo Mah-loh
Goodbye Tofa Toh-fah
Thank you Fa’afetai Fah-ah-fay-tie
Please Fa’amoemole Fah-ah-mor-le-mor-le
Yes Ioe Ee-oh-e
No Leai Le-ahi


Ferry to Savaii Island

Our rentals can be taken on the Ferry to Savaii.

Please note that a space for the vehicle will have to be booked at least three (3) days prior to travelling to Savaii. This can be done at the office of the Samoa Shipping Corporation which is currently located next door to Paddles Restaurant, on the way to the main shipping Wharf in Apia.

To make a booking from overseas, their contact details are as follows:


Samoa Shipping Corporation

P.O.Private Bag, Shipping House

Matautu-tai, Apia, SAMOA

Phone: (0685) 20 935 / 20 936

Fax: (0685) 22 352

Website: www.samoashipping.com>>

Email: info@samoashipping.com>>

We are also able to help you book your Ferry Tickets for the vehicle prior your arrival. Contact us and give us your details.


Sailing Schedule to Savaii

Please note that there are three boats travelling to & from Savaii every day including Sunday. The Lady Samoa III is the bigger and faster boats. Total travel time approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.



Ferry Schedule

Sunday 11am 1pm No trips
3pm 5pm
Monday 6am 8am 6am 8am
10am 12pm No trip
2pm 4pm 2pm 4pm
Tuesday 6am 8am 6am 8am
No trip No trip 10am 12pm
2pm 4pm 2pm 4pm
Wednesday 6am 8am 6am 8am
10am 12pm No Trip
2pm 4pm 2pm 4pm
Thursday 6am 8am 6am 8am
No trip 10am 12pm
2pm 4pm 2pm 4pm
Friday 6am 8am 6am 8am
10am 12am No Trip
2pm 4pm 2pm 4pm
Saturday 6am 8am 6am 8am
10am 12pm No Trip
2pm 4pm 2pm 4pm

Please note above schedule is subject to change without notice.



LADY SAMOA III Business Class

One Way – WST$50.00 per person

Return – WST$80.00 per person

When travelling with a vehicle to Savaii, note that you will have to be at the Wharf one (1) hour before the Ferry departs.


Current Prices

Prices are current as of 1st April 2016.

Vehicle (this includes the driver only)

i20 hatchback – 4 door, Sedan hatchback, Tucson and H1 Vans

WST$95 one way / WST$190 return




WST$12 one way / WST$24 return

Children (2 – 12 years)

WST$6 one way / WST$12 return

Infant (under 2 years)

Free of Charge




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