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If you rent for a week or more; For every 1-week hire, you receive ONE FREE DAY (i.e. pay 6 days + 1 free day, pay 12 days + 2 free days, etc…..). Please copy (or remember) the “Coupon Code” for the car you like to rent. Paste or write the code in the Coupon Code Area during the reservation process and click the “Arrow” to add your weekly discount. See what the coupon code area looks like below…

Hyundai i20 (Weekly Rate WST 738.00)

Hyundai i20

Coupon Code:  1 week i20

Coupon Code:  2 weeks i20



Hyundai Accent (Weekly Rate WST 738.00)

Hyundai Accent HatchbackCoupon Code:  1 week Accent

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Accent



Ford Ecosport (Weekly Rate WST 900.00)

Ford Ecosport

Coupon Code:  1 week Ecosport

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Ecosport



Hyundai Creta (Weekly Rate WST 900.00)

Hyundai Creta

Coupon Code:  1 week Creta

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Creta



Hyundai Tucson (Weekly Rate WST 1104.00)

Hyundai Tucson 2016

Coupon Code:  1 week Tucson

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Tucson



Hyundai Tucson ix35 (Weekly Rate WST 900.00)

Hyundai ix35

Coupon Code:  1 week ix35

Coupon Code:  2 weeks ix35



Hyundai H1 Van (9 seaters). Weekly Rate WST 1140.00

Hyundai H1 - 9 Seater

Coupon Code:  1 week Van 9 Seater

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Van 9 Seater



Hyundai H1 Van (12 seaters). Weekly Rate WST 1320.00

Hyundai H1 Van, 12 Seater

Coupon Code:  1 week Van 12 Seater

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Van 12 Seater



Ford Ranger (Weekly Rate WST 1500.00)

Ford Ranger

Coupon Code:  1 week Ranger

Coupon Code:  2 weeks Ranger



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